Travelling through Greek Mythology
Wondering who is Cronus and who gave the gift of fire to man? What extraordinary creatures really lived in mythical Crete? More than 100 visitors of our hotels at Crete, had the chance to find out the answers and enjoyed an unforgettable journey through Greek Mythology. Our mini blues performed excavations as contemporary archeologists! The Summer Mythology experience will continue till the end of October once a week in each bluegr hotel in Crete.


Discovering the wild nature at Sensimar Minos Palace 
Did you know that Crete has around 2.000 species of plants, 10% of them growing only on Crete and nowhere else in the world? The guests of our hotel had the chance to get informed and taste some of them during the session we organized at Sensimar Minos Palace last August.


At Minos Beach art hotel, we care for every life stage
Taking care of elderly people is a priority at Minos Beach art hotel. We supported the Charity Association “Friends of the Elderly People” funded by Metropolis of Petra and Hersonissos by offering 450 meals for homeless people in need.


August was a really active month for our Mini blues!
Our little friends became one with nature by playing with olives and olive oil. Candia Park village participated to a successful program offering free of charge books about the history of oil & olives ( In addition they learned the value of recycling while constructing using recyclable materials and last but not least they had the chance to attend courses for the Greek language.


Fire Safety and First Aid Seminars
Within the framework of our effort for continued human resources training and further education, the hotels of the bluegr Hotels & Resorts Group in Crete, in association with the Fire Service, held training seminars for all staff members on fire safety issues and the use of fire-fighting equipment, under the auspices of the Fire Department of Agios Nikolaos.


Employee & Department of the month @bluegr Hotels & Resorts
At Minos Beach art hotel, employee of the month August is Michalis Markakis (Groom). The Housekeeping is the department that also made us proud this month.

Congratulations to Stavros Agritharakis (receptionist) and our exceptional Restaurant for being distinguished as employee and department of the month August at Sensimar Minos Palace.

Candia Park village is proud to announce employee of the month August, Dimitris Psofakis (Restaurant Service) and Department of the month the Main Restaurant.