Thanks to an expert and enthusiasm team, to an innovative design department and to an attentive customer care, Mobilspazio is currently operating in more than 40 Countries all over the world: Greece, France, Iceland, Portugal, New Zealand, Reunion Island, Cameroun, India are just few examples.

Mobilspazio has specialized in producing furniture for hotel and tourist accommodation for more than 20 years. Attention to detail, Italian style and high-quality finishes make our furniture perfect to fit out companies, hotels, residences and apartments, bed & breakfast, student accommodation and boarding schools, guesthouses, and retirement homes.

Mobilspazio believes furniture that is durable, long-lasting, easy to manage aesthetically pleasing and welcoming is fundamental in all accommodation environments.

We directly produce our furniture, which is certified 100% MADE IN ITALY and is characterized by 38 mm thickness and anti-scratch surfaces. A harmonious mix of colours, accessories and details makes Mobilspazio furniture perfect for both classical and contemporary style.