Record, Remix and Relax

Η πρώτη W Sound Suite άνοιξε τις πόρτες της στο Bali – Seminyak. Αυτό το privé μουσικό στούντιο σχεδιάστηκε για να καλύψει τις ανάγκες ηχογράφησης καλλιτεχνών, μουσικών και παραγωγών. Στη συνέχεια, θα δημιουργηθούν μουσικές σουίτες και στο W Hollywood, στο W Barcelona και στο W Seattle, και σε πολλά άλλα W ξενοδοχεία.


Δείτε τη δήλωση:

“W has a long history of musicians staying, playing, and celebrating at our hotels,” said Anthony Ingham, Global Brand Leader, W Hotels Worldwide. “We know that inspiration can strike at any moment, so the W Sound Suite is today’s tech-savvy version of scribbling lyrics on a cocktail napkin. Bali, a vibrant and creative hub often called ‘the alternative Ibiza’, is the perfect setting for our first music studio, withHollywood, Barcelona and Seattle to follow. After all, who can’t find inspiration in paradise?”

W Sound Suites are in part the brainchild of the W brand’s North American Music Director, DJ White Shadow, the Chicago-based producer best known for his work with Lady Gaga. He has been working with W to identify the best sound equipment and studio layout to ensure the suites are optimal for professional use.

“While traveling around the globe making music for the last decade, I’ve run into many challenges including costly studio rentals, the risk of disturbing other guests, and not being able to find a suitable place to listen to or create music,” said DJ White Shadow. “We dreamed up an environment for musicians to create that is convenient, stylish and functional. I’m thrilled to partner with the equally innovative team at W Hotels – there isn’t another brand that could bring this idea to life on such a global scale and in such an innovative way.”


The W brand’s longstanding global partner, Coca-Cola, has been instrumental in bringing the studios to life. Elements of the studio’s aesthetic, envisioned by Josh Held Design, pay tribute to Coca-Cola including the subtle integration of the Coca-Cola red and printed lyrics on the wall. Coca-Cola has used music to tell its brand story for over a century, bringing its campaigns into the pop culture lexicon. From distributing sheet music for family sing-a-longs in 1905, to “teaching the world to sing” in the 1971 Hilltop commercial, to the recent release of the song “Taste the Feeling” by Avicii and Conrad Sewell, music is ingrained in the core of the brand.

“Our partnership with W Sound Suites is an innovative way to help enable, inspire and refresh artists to create and connect over an ice-cold Coca-Cola,” said Joe Belliotti, Head of Global Music Marketing, Coca-Cola North America. “We’re excited to be a part of it!”