1. What are the new trends that have emerged at EquipHotel? 

The 2022 edition of this prominent hospitality tradeshow has brought conscious hospitality to the forefront. The introduction of greener services and products was a major focus, as the event dissected the different areas where room exists for making greener choices. Some of the key discussion topics included purchasing regional products and experiences, slow-living and energy conservation. Additionally, the growing trend of using slow tech and soft mobility in the hospitality industry were highlighted.

Hospitality is certainly a people business and thus a conversation around the employment aspect of the industry was a must. Hotels and restaurants are places where people come to eat, relax or even work, and it is a key consideration for businesses to make the environment as welcoming as possible, while ensuring that it is equipped with high-quality products to meet their guests’ every need. To create these optimal conditions, it is vital that hotels collaborate with trusted and well-established companies as well as hiring the right people! The topics of employer attractiveness, team spirit, inclusion and employee retention were all touched upon at this year’s event. 

  1. What was the overall experience from the participation of Groupe GM in EquipHotel? 

It was a pleasure to attend this year’s event and engage with our top stakeholders as well as other leaders in the hospitality business. The tradeshow was an excellent opportunity to showcase our wide portfolio of premium amenity products created in collaboration with world-leading brands and present the latest innovations at group level.

With sustainability being at the heart of our business, Groupe GM’s efforts in the creation of responsible amenities as part of our eco-responsible program, Care About Earth were a major focus point at the event. Launched in 2018, this internal initiative aims to reduce the impact of the hospitality profession on the environment. To achieve this, Groupe GM continues to place eco conception as a group priority and unveil green product innovations showcased at the event. 

  1. Are there any new products of Groupe GM announced during EquipHotel?

Our latest innovations include the Ecofill. This dispenser is patented in France and patent pending internationally. It is the only refillable and 100% traceable dispenser for a minimal environmental impact. Its sealed, refill pouches have a large capacity of up to 400 ml (13.50 fl.oz) for only 8g of recyclable plastic. This means that it divides the plastic waste by two compared to using a 5L bulk can. Its sleek design is not only attractive but makes it easy to use.

Ecofill is a “Stay Clean” system, which allows the refill sealed pouch to be easily changed under perfectly hygienic conditions in order to avoid contamination. This dispenser is clean and safe and comes with traceable batch numbers in compliance with European cosmetic regulations. It is tamper-proof and the origin and quality of the product are guaranteed.

The dispenser features an aesthetic design that can be customized to the hotel’s identity, while the pouch can contain body wash, shampoos, conditioners and a variety of other products that we created with our partnering brands such as our recent partner Phytomer and many more.

Our second innovation is the GHOST dispenser. GHOST is a dispenser fixed on a hidden rail which gives the impression that the product is levitating. This ingenious, eco-designed, large-capacity dispenser of 400 ml is made from sugarcane and lasts around 40 days. Its’ system is safe and easy to use. For more convenience, hotel staff can check the remaining amount of product thanks to a discreet visibility window.

On the product front, our most recent news is our new partnership with the brand Phytomer. Groupe GM can now offer hotel guests a new amenity line inspired by the sea. Phytomer amenity products are enriched with Rock Samphire (Crithmum Maritimum) benefitting from its refreshing, relaxing and softening proprieties. A pure moment of well-being. Their formulas contain up to 98% natural origin ingredients. Its fragrance is inspired by the iodized and herbal freshness of the seaside, with a subtle blend of floral, aquatic, and woody notes.

The Phytomer hotel amenity line is fully in line with Groupe GM’s corporate responsibility program Care About Earth.

It is available in 30ml deep blue tubes that are 90% plant based. The caps are made of 100% recycled plastic. It consists of a shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion.

Phytomers’ hotel amenity line also features two large format innovative dispensers in 400 ml: Ecofill and Ghost. The Ghost dispenser is featured in white, and the bottle is 100% plant based. Ghost includes a variety of products such as shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, liquid soap, and hair and body gel.

A 20g bar of soap completes this standard line and is certified RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) and wrapped in allegro paper.

We are delighted to be partnering with Phytomer, a leading professional skincare brand that features some of the industry’s highest levels of innovation, quality, and sustainability and shares Groupe GM’s commitment to the environment. Phytomer is already partner to 10,000 spas in 80 countries, and we look forward to extending their reach by launching this new amenity line in hotels worldwide. This collection of amenities is consistent with our Care About Earth program and we believe that it is ideally suited to guests’ needs.

Designed to better reflect Groupe GM’s sustainability goals, the product range has been made available worldwide thanks to our extensive distribution network.